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Liulin Brush Factory is a professional manufacturer of coordinated products of glass craftwork,metal surface polishing ,PCB,LCD industries,The products were widely used in the craftwork treatment lines such as architecture,chinaware,textile,shoes,metal board,fruit and vegetable cleaning and washer machine for glass products.

      We set up the factory which lies in the beautiful foot of Mountain Tianzhu 18 years ago,but now we have our new factory in Shenzhen,it equipped with the advanced producing equipments and skill, strong production capacity. We are the top manufacturer in the industry in our country,and our world –class products find a steady market in the whole world .Liulin brush Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of household electric brush products,it mainly applied to the dust collector,electro motion teeth brush,electro motion comb and related products.We have dozens of numerical controlled hair planter and professional technology backup team,our brush design and fracture have won the praises from all our clients.



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